Irishman's dismembered body found in Amsterdam canal

29th March 2009, Comments 4 comments

A dismembered body found in an Amsterdam canal has been identified as that of a 29-year-old Irishman who had a police record in his home country, Dutch police said Saturday.

THE HAGUE - They named the man as Keith Ennis from Dublin, adding that they knew the cause of death but would not divulge it.

A walker on the canal bank on the edge of Amsterdam on 24 February saw a number of suspicious objects floating on the surface and alerted the police, who recovered, bags, suitcases and garbage bags containing body parts.

"We had virtually the whole body, but no identity," a police spokesman said.

A Dutch television programme broadcast details of tattoos on the body, which had been in the water for several days, while fingerprints were sent to other European police forces.

Irish police identified the fingerprints as those of Ellis, who was known to them, the Amsterdam spokesman said, without revealing for what offences. The killer was still being sought, he added.


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  • margaret ennis posted:

    on 15th May 2009, 23:08:09 - Reply

    My son or any of his family were never convicted of any crime in his home country or any other country please leave this to the Dutch Police and Irish Police and his family to sort and help stop the media slowing up the process. I am open to legal suggestions (Irish Law) to stop people being tried in the media without having the chance to a defence in a court of law in front of a judge. Im sure we all want this privlige in the event that anyone can be accused of anything and not have their chance to proper and legal defence
  • michael posted:

    on 2nd April 2009, 08:51:05 - Reply
  • Geuzen76 posted:

    on 2nd April 2009, 02:14:37 - Reply

    The Amsterdam police aren't saying what offences he was known for, but the Irish police are. He had convictions relating to drugs and guns and the Irish police suspect he was killed by Irish gangsters.