Internet reaches milestone with 100m websites

3rd November 2006, Comments 0 comments

Addition of new websites worldwide will continue to increase

2 November 2006

AMSTERDAM - The Internet now counts since last month 100 million sites.

That concerns then pages with a domain name and with contents. That has been communicated by the American venture Netcraft, which has mapped the increase of the worldwide web already since 1995. According to the company this is a milestone.

Something more than half of all internet sites moreover are not active or hardly active; there are no updates and they draw virtually no surfers. The increase is at present especially caused by the middle and small companies and by bloggers which communicate themselves massively on the internet. The largest increases occurred in the USA, Germany, China, South-Korea and Japan.

In 1995, Netcraft counted a mere 18.000 Internet sites. In May 2004 there were already 50 million. A spokesman said to the American news broadcaster CNN that the increase will still continue for a long time.
Increasingly more individuals know how to find their way to the Internet and designing and effectively presenting a website nowadays is simple for anyone who is handy with software.

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