International Film Festival Rotterdam 2009

19th January 2009, Comments 0 comments

From Asian ghosts to Romanian New Wave, this year's International Film Festival Rotterdam promises films as diverse as the film-lovers who flock there annually.

This year’s International Film Festival Rotterdam, which runs from 21 January - 1 February, promises to be as cathartic as the last. With over 100 premiers, and a diversity of films from across the globe, it has something for everyone, including a haunted house installation featuring Asian ghost films, the Romanian New Wave, and the Soprano’s Michael Imperioli’s Hungry Ghost. The selection is as diverse as the devoted film lovers who flock there every year. Watch trailers to get an idea of what interests you. Catch one of the 14 nominated films in the Tijger category. Go see some shorts. Or simply take your chances. It’s an adventure every time. You never know quite what you’re getting, but you’re guaranteed to walk away convinced it was well worth it.

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