InSite Cape Town 2011– 28 November 2010

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InSite Cape Town 2011 is an exciting new initiative of Reckoning with the aim to give International students in Amsterdam sustainable, transferable skills to the children of Cape Town.

InSite will train and equip local international students to travel to Cape Town, South Africa and implement a day camp focused on meaningful play. The Reckoning Approach will be the method used to create meaningful play and aid the international students in connecting with the children and their greater community.

Here is an example of local students who have been involved in the Reckoning Approach locally in Amsterdam:

Reggie: His weapons are love, respect, trust and joy. He is using these passive actions in violent ways - laser eyes of love, and fists of respect. In the creative exercise Responsibility Super Heroes, Reggie’s super hero, “Super Love”, reveals the inner conflict he is currently experiencing. His weapons are love, respect, trust and joy. He is using these passive actions in violent ways - laser eyes of love, and fists of respect.

It seems he wants to be a person who has these qualities, but believes that he must be tough, he must fight and these two different ways of living are in conflict.

How can Reggie learn to be responsible if this is his understanding? With the Reckoning Approach, these undertones are uncovered and a foundation is set to help Reggie become the type of leader we need today.

During the art showcase, the finale to an eight-week Reckoning Approach initiative, one of our students is explaining their Respect Weaves to a group of parents.

InSiteThe Respect Weaves show the process each student is in with their development of respect. The weave is composed of 2 images: first, the students drew on a piece of paper a symbol of respect using oil pastels and watercolours. On a second piece of black paper, they compose words or phrases that they find to be disrespectful which are then written in metallic pens.

The weaves show each student’s journey with respect, how it is perceived, the struggle to act respectfully all the time, how others interact with them in both ways and each student’s desire to be more like the symbol they have drawn.

To support this project becoming a reality in Cape Town, South Africa, a live and silent auction will be held on Sunday 28 November 2010 which will include wine-tasting and succulent hors d'oeuvres from some special local Amsterdam Restaurants! You are invited to join us!

How is this initiative Unique?

1.    It is sustainable – We are joining two existing local bodies in two different nations together in a common goal, The Amsterdam International Community School (AICS) and Serve the City (STC), Cape Town.

2.    Creating meaningful play with the children in Cape Town!
a.    The students at the AICS will be trained in The Reckoning Approach (learning focused on character development and everyday leadership skills).
b.    They will transfer these skills and values to the children by developing activities they can do with them in small groups (cantered in art/creativity), thus providing meaningful experiences for the children.
c.    Reckoning will train the South African STC staff in the Reckoning Approach so that these foundational components will continue.
d.    As this is a yearly trip, it provides the opportunity for continual refinement, thus enhancing the sustainability and the effectiveness of STC in their passion to make a lasting and sustaining difference.

3.    Each student is required to raise a portion of the expenses.
a.    This creates a sense of ownership, develops entrepreneurial skills and resourcefulness. We see this as a key issue, as future leaders need to know the value of money. That only comes from experience!

As each student is required to raise funds to cover the cost of the trip, the Core Leadership team is dedicated to matching these funds (EUR 30.000) to cover the costs for the training, materials for both preparations for the groundwork in Cape Town.

Please visit our website for more information about InSite at and see our facebook page: InSite 2010-2011.
Save the Date for our auction, Sunday 28 November 2010! We look forward to having you be a part of this exciting initiative!

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