'I behaved improperly,' princess admits

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28 February 2006, AMSTERDAM — Princess Margarita concedes it was 'improper' of her to record a conversation she had with her aunt, Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands.

28 February 2006

AMSTERDAM — Princess Margarita concedes it was 'improper' of her to record a conversation she had with her aunt, Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands.

Through her lawyer, Margarita admitted on Tuesday that she had let other people, including her now ex-husband Edwin de Roy van van Zuydewijn, hear the tape.

The princess also rejected a claim by her ex-husband that she had a DNA sample taken for an investigation into the hereditary line of the Dutch royals, the House of Orange.

Margarita is demanding De Roy van Zuydewijn surrender his copy of the taped conversation with the Queen, stop discussing its contents and declare his claims about the DNA test are bogus.

"This step serves to protect my personal life, but also fits just as much with the restoration of the relationship of confidence with my family. I view it as a moral duty to protect my aunt from further abuse of the trust she placed in me," Margarita said.

Commoner De Roy van Zuydewijn has been sent a letter demanding he hand over the tape and refrain from disclosing the contents. But he maintains the tape is of "great importance for society".

Back in 2003 De Roy van Zuydewijn and Margarita began legal proceedings against the Royal Family and the Dutch State claiming attempts were being made to destroy his good name. Margarita even suggested the authorities were bugging her.

She claimed to have spotted a microphone in the office of one government official during a meeting. A photograph taken later of the 'bug' established it was nothing more than a nail on which a picture had been hanging until it was removed for cleaning.

Margarita later broke with her husband, dropped the legal action and began restoring her relationship with her family.

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