Home workers don't know their rights

Home workers don't know their rights

26th March 2014, Comments 0 comments

Working from home is becoming increasingly popular in the Netherlands, however, many home workers are not aware of their rights.

Three-quarters of Dutch workers back the principle of working more from home – known as ‘the new way of working’ in jargon – but many don’t know their rights, according to BNR radio.

For example, employers are required by law to provide curtains to keep out sunlight for home workers who use computers, the broadcaster says.

Nor are workers aware that employers are responsible if the home worker trips over and breaks something while working.

Het Nieuwe Werken is becoming increasingly popular but contracts and legal expertise are lacking, labour law lawyer Michael van Basten Batenburg told the broadcaster.

‘People have no idea what their rights and obligations are.’

Just over half home workers are aware their employers are responsible for ensuring they have a suitable place to work at home but are not aware the company is not allowed to visit them at home to check this is the case.

Home working is increasingly popular, due to shorter commuting times and the ease of combining work with a family, the broadcaster says.


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