Holland's largest sperm bank to close

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24 June 2005AMSTERDAM — The largest sperm bank in the Netherlands is halting its donor programme and announced it is to close.

24 June 2005

AMSTERDAM — The largest sperm bank in the Netherlands is halting its donor programme and announced it is to close.

The facility is part of Leiden's University Medical Centre (LUMC) and had about 80 to 90 volunteers in its donor programme.

Professor Frans Helmerhorst said on Friday that new regulations on the storage and handling of sperm necessitated major rebuilding work in the clinic.

Some rebuilding was carried out last year but it soon became apparent that "an awful lot of energy and time" would be needed to comply with all the new regulations, Helmerhorst said.

The LUMC is not prepared to make the extra investment and the sperm bank will have to close as a result.

The hospital will do its best, the professor said, to complete current treatment programmes but that will soon stop. Several hundred patients will then have to find another clinic to help them with their fertility issues.

"We had to make choices as we couldn't pull it off any longer," Helmerhorst said and he added he did not know what would be done with all the sperm currently being stored at the facility when it finally shuts down.

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