Holland's brightest brain

27th December 2010, Comments 1 comment


Why are Tibetans and moles similar? Thieu Romgens knew and won this year's National Science Quiz.

The explanation is that both moles and Tibetans have adapted to an oxygen-poor environment. The answer makes Mr Romgens the country's cleverest mind, according to the quiz's organisers, the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research NWO and broadcaster VPRO. The quiz aired on television on Sunday.

Over 4,550 people participated in the quiz from their homes. On average, they gave the right answer to six of the quiz's 15 questions.

Men, with an average 6.6 right answers, did slightly better than women, who averaged 6.3. In a separate segment, scientists did slightly better than journalists, with astronomer Marijke Haverkorn emerging as the winner.

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  • Patrick Hayes posted:

    on 28th December 2010, 10:57:16 - Reply


    How can Thieu Romgens be the winner and Marijke Haverkorn also be the winner...

    Is there an editor in the house?