Hells Angels claim millions in damages from Dutch state

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A group of Hells Angels are claiming a total of EUR 2.2 million for damages sustained from prosecution by Dutch authorities.

Amsterdam – A group of 24 Hells Angels are demanding EUR 2.2 million compensation from the Dutch state, the Public Proesecutor Service announced on Wednesday.

In an Amsterdam court, the Angels said they sustained damage as a result of prosecution by the justice authorities.

One claim for damages of nearly EUR 800,000 has been lodged by Harry S (surname withheld). S, aged 51, is a member of the Amsterdam chapter of the Angels and was held for two months until the public prosecutor had to order his release.

His lawyer Bram Moszkowicz argued that the detention has harmed his client's chances of a job and said that, in that context, the demand of five times the annual income was "not excessive".

The Public Prosecution Service, however, finds the demanded amount – which will have to come from the taxpayer – far too much. “You must ask yourself if these people must get compensation, when actually they are already coming out of it very well,” said Theo D'Anjou, press officer for the public prosecutor.

The highest claim is from the lawyer of ‘Big’ Willem van B., the former president of the Amsterdam Hells Angels, whose claim is for over EUR one million.

The public prosecutor tried for years to prosecute what it calls a criminal motorcyclists club but without success. The judge in the criminal court threw out the prosecutor's case against the Hells Angels when it was revealed that confidential talks between suspects and their lawyers had been taped and stored, which is in breach of the law.

Radio Netherlands / Anna Ritchie / Expatica

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