Health care that covers circumcision

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Health insurance company Trias receives enthusiastic response for insurance aimed at wishes of ethnic communities.

30 January 2007

AMSTERDAM – Following the example of supermarkets and mobile telephony providers, health insurance companies too have discovered that Moroccans and Turks are an interesting commercial target group.

A special health insurance policy for these ethnic groups is now on the market.

Health insurance company Trias offers members of the Moroccan mosques in Gouda, the Turkish Social Cultural Platform in Leerdam and the Platform of Turkish residents of Dordrecht a collective insurance policy with extras.

For the moment this is limited to a collective discount and full coverage of circumcision for boys up to the age of 17.

‘But we are talking with the special interest groups about other things they might want included,’ says initiator Ellen Kroon, account manager at Trias.

Options in future could include coverage for health care costs incurred while in their home countries during the summer and the ritual washing of the deceased.

Some 1,118 Moroccans and 3,259 Turks have already signed up.

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