Happy with healthcare system in your adopted land?

2nd September 2009, Comments 1 comment

Share your health concerns with Expatica and stand a chance of winning a voucher from Amazon.com worth EUR 100!

Expatica and Ruigrok / NetPanel are inviting expats to fill out a survey on the healthcare systems within various countries.

This survey, commissioned by a prominent health insurance company, aims to address how expats rate the healthcare system in their adopted land by comparison to that of their home countries.

It also hopes to understand the factors expats consider most important when they seek medical treatment and health insurance. Survey questions include:

  • What kind of medical treatment would you choose to receive outside of the country you currently live in?
  • How do you rate the healthcare system in your adopted country compared to your country of origin?
  • Why would you rather be treated in another country in the event that you should fall ill and require hospitalisation?

Click here to fill out this short survey.

Six survey participants stand a chance of winning a voucher from Amazon.com worth EUR 100! These lucky winners will be notified via email in mid-October. 

1 Comment To This Article

  • Birgitta Al-Issa posted:

    on 18th September 2009, 14:24:37 - Reply

    I found myself unable to complete your survey because of its poor structure. It was assumed that I could not think that the services in Spain could be so good that I would not consider seeking any treatment in another country. It was also assumed that I had coverage from one particular private insurance company. Very tiresome.