Hands off our pensions, MP tells Brussels

13th May 2014, Comments 0 comments

The Dutch government should show a 'yellow card' to Brussels' plans to interfere with member countries' pension systems, a Christian Democrat MP says.

The European Commission in Brussels is planning to take over the supervision of pension systems in the eurozone countries, and national parliaments have until the end of May to send their comments on the plans.

Christian Democrat MP Pieter Omtzigt is against the plans and is presenting an 'initiative bill' to parliament to encourage MPs to block the takeover.

Omtzigt says the Dutch pension system should remain a Dutch matter, particularly since it functions as a social security net and is regulated during pay and conditions negotiations, the Telegraaf reports.

He also says that Dutch pension funds have built up buffers which should not be 'given away to Brussels'.

The European Commission plans also include extra regulations.

'The plan is over 100 pages long,' says Omtzigt. 'It also gives the Commission the possibility of introducing more regulations later, which the Dutch government will have no say in.'

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