Haarlem lesbian couple received death threats

4th August 2011, Comments 2 comments

A lesbian couple from Haarlem has filed a report with the police after receiving death threats.

Their neighbour has been calling them names ever since they moved to Haarlem in 2008. Two weeks ago they saw her talk to a man who has been hanging around their house ever since. The couple no longer feels safe in their own home.

The Haarlem police have confirmed that a report has been filed. The couple has also filed a complaint with their housing association, which offered them a different, but more expensive place to live. The couple rejected the association’s offer because it did not meet their requirements. The housing association refuses to comment on the issue.

In a separate development, the police in the city of Utrecht on Tuesday arrested three men for gay bashing. The three allegedly insulted, spat on, and threatened a man because of his sexual persuasion.


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  • SenorChuckles posted:

    on 4th August 2011, 21:41:04 - Reply

    Well the newspaper says that if you discriminate against gays and lesbians that you get a 50% harder/worse punishment. (That's 50EUR and a hug from the judge instead of 30 EUR and no hug.) Of course discriminating against foreigners and racial minorities (even insulting and screaming at them) is perfectly OK and even encouraged.
  • Appetit Voyage posted:

    on 4th August 2011, 17:22:39 - Reply

    Amazing that kind of things still happen! A shame!