HEMA does not collect OV-chipcard money

10th August 2009, Comments 0 comments

Security scanners in HEMA stores do not run down OV-chipcard credit, an official statement has said, following compaints.

Amsterdam – It has been ruled out that security gates in HEMA stores run down OV-chipcard credit, reports nu.nl.

The HEMA retail company and Amsterdam public transport company GVB released a joint statement on Sunday that the smart cards only work at card readers in public transport.

On Saturday, Amsterdam broadcaster AT5 communicated that people with the cards had complained that their balance is decreased if they pass security scanners in HEMA doorways.

Local PvdA councillor Myriam Bergervoet announced that she would raise the issue with the City Region, which is responsible for the introduction of the cards.

De Telegraaf previously reported that HEMA had reacted angrily to Bergervoet’s statements, quoting a spokesperson for the retail company: “This is a hoax. Depending on possible unrest with customers, we will take steps.”

However, it is not technically possible for HEMA doorways to run down credit, the GVB and HEMA have now explained.

The HEMA scanners never make alterations to a HEMA security chip which passes by, and certainly not to an unknown chip; the doorways only test whether passing clothing has already been sold or not.

Anna Ritchie / Expatica

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