Goldfish hotel to open at Amsterdam airport

24th June 2009, Comments 1 comment

Dutch goldfish can now stay in a special fish hotel while their owners are on holiday.

Schiphol – The latest hotel to open at Schiphol airport won't be any comfort to stranded passengers and businessman with canceled stopovers.

The new facility to open on Wednesday is built specifically for goldfish.

Travel agency D-reizen will now provide free fish-sitting service for holidaymakers who have booked their trip through the company. Goldfish owners can check their pets into the hotel before boarding their flight.
The hotel aquarium will be housed in the airport arrivals hall, and visiting goldfish will be placed in separate areas within the tank to assure that owners receive the same goldfish they dropped off before going on holiday.  The aquarium will also house 80 permanent goldfish guests.

“The tank is set up as a hotel. The fish can make use of facilities including a swimming pool and a tennis court,” said a travel agent spokesperson.

D-reizen said it doesn’t know how many guests are likely to take advantage of the free service, but it can always extend the hotel to meet demand.

The goldfish hotel will be opened officially on Wednesday by Olympic long-distance swimming champion Maarten van der Weijden.
Radio Netherlands / Expatica

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