Geert Wilders to be prosecuted for inciting hatred

22nd January 2009, Comments 6 comments

The Amsterdam court has ruled that the Public Prosecutor's Office should prosecute the right-wing populist politician Geert Wilders for remarks about Muslims and Islam.

AMSTERDAM— The court found that there was a case of inciting hatred, discrimination and insulting language to answer. Earlier the Public Prosecutor decided not to proceed against Wilders, which sparked numerous protests from organisations and individuals.

The court regarded Wilders' remarks as punishable in law in view of both their content and the manner of presentation. The judges characterized the presentation as comprising "one-sided, generalised phrasing characterised by a radical nature, constant repetition and increasing ferocity". The court further ruled that the prosecution of the PVV party leader would not conflict with the right to freedom of expression.

Wilders said it was "a black day for freedom of speech" and for himself. Although he was confident he would be exonerated, he was afraid the trial might last so long and cost the PVV so much that the future existence of the party would be jeopardised.

Radio Netherlands/Expatica

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  • MBMordechai posted:

    on 22nd January 2009, 13:21:46 - Reply

    Although I strongly disagree with Mr. Wilders point of view, I can not say more than to give him the right to speak his mind. To see the court say there is a case of inciting hate and discrimination. Have they not heard of Freedom of Speech. What will happen next when someone criticises a person of government office or person for what they believe to be wrong or say a word "not proper" will also be charged.
  • Robert Jones posted:

    on 22nd January 2009, 11:41:42 - Reply

    I feel very sorry that it has come to this----not being able to speak your mind in The Netherlands while some Muslims behave in a despicable manner and are allowed to get away with it.!
  • claireann posted:

    on 22nd January 2009, 11:20:43 - Reply

    What a shame! So much for freedom of speech. It seems that Amsterdam prosecutor Leo de Wit is more afraid of the radical Muslim in Holland than he is of the truth in Fitna.