Geert Wilders repulsed by Breivik

26th July 2011, Comments 0 comments

Geert Wilders has issued a statement denouncing Anders Breivik, the man behind Friday’s massacre in Norway, as a psychopath and a madman. The Dutch anti-Islam politician says the fact he and his Freedom Party are mentioned repeatedly in Breivik’s 1,500-page manifesto “fills him with revulsion”.

Since Breivik’s bombing and shooting spree, some commentators have pointed out that some of the ideas expressed by the Norwegian are not so far removed from those promoted by Geert Wilders and his party.

Mr Wilders refutes any suggestion of a link between his own political goals and the Norwegian’s actions “We are democrats through and through. The Freedom Party has never called for violence, nor will it ever do so. We believe in the power of the ballot box and the wisdom of the voter."

The statement by the Freedom Party leader goes on to condemn Friday’s attacks as “a slap in the face for the worldwide anti-Islam movement” and to describe Breivik’s manifesto as the work of a madman. “He wants to work with al Qaeda […] he longs to blow up cities, dreams of knights who mutilate themselves and of meeting his hero Karadzic.”


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