"Geert Wilders is no friend of the US"

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"Geert Wilders is no friend of the US". This comment from US embassy cables printed in July 2009 is reported in British newspaper The cables were leaked via Wikileaks.

US diplomats informing President Barack Obama on Dutch politics, point out that the anti-Islam Freedom Party was the fastest growing party in the Netherlands.

The remark that Mr Wilders was "no friend of the US" was due to the party's opposition to an extension of the Dutch mission in Afghanistan and because Mr Wilders "forments fear and hate of immigrants".

The diplomats refer to "The Wilders Factor: Golden-pompadoured, maverick parliamentarian Geert Wilders whose anti-Islam, nationalist Freedom Party remains a thorn in the coalition's side, capitalizing on the social stresses resulting from the failure to fully integrate almost a million Dutch Muslims".

Former Dutch prime minister Jan Peter Balkenende also is also named in the documents. Initially he is seen as a "Harry Potter" look-alike", however, the cables go on to say "he has consistently and skillfully delivered cabinet support for U.S. policy objectives while balancing fragile parliamentary majorities.

The document states that Mr Balkenende's fourth and last coalition was held together more by "fear of early elections than by unity of vision" and that the prime minister hoped to benefit from President Obama's popularity.




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