Geert Wilders: deport 'lazy' immigrants

26th October 2010, Comments 5 comments


Dutch Labour leader Job Cohen and anti-Islam Freedom Party PVV leader Geert Wilders clashed today in parliament during a debate on integration legislation for new immigrants.

Mr Wilders claimed Mr Cohen's Labour Party does nothing to tackle immigrants who show a "half-hearted attitude" towards the mandatory integration course. Mr Cohen said deportation of immigrants who don't fully participate in the course should be a last resort and that the current system of fining those who fail to attend the courses should be given a chance first.

Mr Wilders then took a hard line with the Labour leader. "If you don't want to integrate, turn to Mr Cohen. He'll say: 'Just pay a small fine, then go back to your lazy bed.' The Freedom Party and the cabinet want to implement the ultimate sanction, one that's only reasonable. If you want to go back to sleep instead of attending your integration course, then you'll not merely have to get out of bed, you'll have to get out of the country," the PVV leader said.

Mr Cohen accused Mr Wilders of wanting to see immigrants fail when it comes to integration. The PVV chief challenged Mr Cohen to produce evidence to substantiate his claim. The Labour leader then referred to statements Mr Wilders had made on Danish TV, when he had called for millions of Muslims who had committed a criminal offence to be deported from Europe.  

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5 Comments To This Article

  • Anna Reichel posted:

    on 17th November 2010, 09:31:06 - Reply

    The Intergration coarse is a joke! Really, I've experienced a part of it first hand. It's Not a language coarse. You DO NOT Learn the language!! I've already figured out how to connect my telephone and such the moment I arrived here! It's a complete waist of time and thier is no respect for those who do not understand Dutch nor tolerance. The coarse is in Dutch only and if you don't understand the teacher wíll not help you, even though they can speak perfect English! So good luck to those who just arrived here. I feel so unwelcomed here. And everyday I wonder when the Dutch government will try to kick me out of the country and force me to leave my children behind or vise versa. I've been living here for over seven years now. So you can imagine the stress some of us face every day.
  • Dean posted:

    on 10th November 2010, 02:08:48 - Reply

    I don't get it. How far must society go to accomodate a person or group's "identity"?
    The negative implications for a given society are endless when you approach immigration from the standpoint of accommodation.
    Consider the natives. How do immigrants' impact effect their "past, identity, and all that defines you".
    And finally, by advocating any sort of systemic effort to "assimilate" society to the immigrant, don't we deprive them of the actual immigrant experience enjoy by our predecessors?
  • Ssouf posted:

    on 27th October 2010, 00:37:52 - Reply

    Well.. When it comes to "integration", we need a clear definition of the word. For I believe, that we can never ever talk about integration among some people . The thing is Maria, for some, integration is not merely about following the rules or respecting them or even absorbing them. yet, for them, it is about erasing your past, identity, and all that defines you.
  • Maria posted:

    on 26th October 2010, 21:50:11 - Reply

    Integration is not about the language you speak but how respectful you follow the laws of the country you are living!!!!
    I agree with a control of immigration, however the Netherlands without those will not survive long enough. I hope the Dutch are prepared to do what everyone else is doing at the moment.

  • Susan posted:

    on 26th October 2010, 21:23:19 - Reply

    Good for Geert Wilders. I wish we had someone like him in the US tackling our illegal immigration troubles.