Geert Wilders acquitted of hatemongering charges

23rd June 2011, Comments 14 comments

A court in Amsterdam has acquitted MP Geert Wilders of charges of inciting hatred and insulting Muslims as a group. The charges had been brought by individuals who felt they had been discriminated against by the anti-Islam nationalist MP.

Both the defence and the public prosecutor had demanded an acquittal.

In a first reaction, Mr Wilders said, "It is not so much a personal victory, but rather it's a victory for the freedom of expression. Criticising Islam turns out to be allowed, I've not been muzzled."

The Amsterdam court rejected the charge that Mr Wilders had insulted a group, because his statements in the media and in his movie Fitna were about Islam as a religion, not about Muslims as inviduals. The charges relating to inciting hatred and to discrimination were also thrown out.

Mr Wilders' statements about "a tsunami of Muslims" were described by the court as "rude and denigrating". Other statements were "on the edge of what is allowed" and "inciting". Yet, the court took into consideration that Mr Wilders spoke out in the context of public debate.

The overall acquittal is assumed to spell the end of the case, since an appeal is not likely.  


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  • Typcial Europe posted:

    on 23rd June 2011, 14:18:30 - Reply

  • Typical Europe posted:

    on 23rd June 2011, 14:14:54 - Reply

    60 something years since evil brewed out of Europe sounds like eons ago but it still harbors, many offspring of the nazis and their sympathizers still exist, and this is a pathetic group of "Lawmakers" as this piece of garbage of a non human (Wilders), should be expelled immediately from any degree in the Dutch or any other Germanic Governemnt. First off the Dutch government like the other dutch need to get healthy and stop poisoning their bodies with cigarettes and alcohol . Then they need to come to grips with the fact that racists are forbidden in European government.
  • Joey Joey Kardashian posted:

    on 23rd June 2011, 11:20:01 - Reply

    Well what a suprise. Still, someone has to keep those Muppet-judges busy! Now its all over its about time that you name the 'individuals' who brought this case and are so desperately opposed to free speech.