Gay canal parade embarrasses Dutch youth

31st July 2009, Comments 4 comments

Sixty five percent of young Dutch think the Amsterdam Pride canal parade gives a distorted view of homosexuals.

Amsterdam – A survey carried out by current affairs television programme EenVandaag says 65 percent of young Dutch people think the Amsterdam Gay Pride canal parade gives a distorted view of homosexuals.

The percentage is higher among homosexual youths (69 percent) than among their heterosexual contemporaries (63 percent).

Two thousand young people participated in the research, jointly conducted with the gay magazine Expreszo. The majority of participants (1,600) were heterosexual, compared to 400 homosexuals.

The parade, taking place this Saturday, is held in Amsterdam each summer. Participants from across the globe take part as a series of brightly coloured barges sail through the city's canals in one of the biggest events of its kind in the world. Generally, its many participants are scantily or extravagantly dressed, if not both.

Many of the young people surveyed said they found it an embarrassing display. Most also said they felt the Netherlands was, in general, a gay-friendly country. However, 40 percent felt tolerance was shrinking due to the influence of Islam.

Twenty five percent of those questioned said they would have trouble accepting a close friend who cam out of the closet, though a large majority (85 percent) said it would be no problem to have a homosexual boss or teacher.

Radio Netherlands / Expatica

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  • ray blakemore posted:

    on 5th August 2009, 13:54:06 - Reply

    for all the people who are embarrassed by gay pride: learn to losen up and have a bit of fun. whats wrong with ketting rip for a while. at christmas time hetero males put on a curly wig, red lipstick and frills parading around the street - oops thats not drag its zwart piet lol.
    sometimes you just need to drop the labels and enjoy
  • Chris Summerfield posted:

    on 5th August 2009, 12:40:16 - Reply

    Would love to cover the event next year. To late to make it this year. photography world wide .
    Could do with a sponcer for it.
  • willy schmidt posted:

    on 5th August 2009, 11:54:13 - Reply

    Yes that is true, Carnaval, Sinterklaas and Xmas also give a distorted view of society, but still it can be a lot of fun . So why not have some party's