Future of Morgan the orca uncertain

7th November 2011, Comments 0 comments

Dozens of animal lovers gathered at a court in Amsterdam on Monday to follow the case of Morgan the Orca. Animal welfare groups want the female killer whale to be released into the sea.

The Dolfinarium at Harderwijk, which is looking after Morgan, wants the mammal to be moved to another zoo in Tenerife as quickly as possible. Deputy Agriculture Minister Henk Bleker gave permission for the move on 12 October, but animal welfare groups asked for an injunction.

Various animal welfare groups have united in the Orca Coalition. In court, they showed enlarged photos of orca’s made at the Loro Parque on Tenerife which show bite marks on the orca’s there and that they are suffering from herpes. Marine biologists say the park is totally unsuitable for Morgan, who was rescued in a weak state from the Wadden Sea in June last year.

The deputy minister’s lawyer admits orcas should be released into nature, but says Morgan has a better chance in Loro Parque.

The Dolfinarium’s lawyer stresses that the organisation has Morgan’s best interests at heart and says it is too early to set the orca free. The judge’s verdict is due on 21 November.


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