Future doesn't belong to Islam: bishop

30th June 2005, Comments 0 comments

30 June 2005, AMSTERDAM — Islam won't dominate the future because it is too aggressive, Archbishop Martinus Muskens of Breda has claimed.

30 June 2005

AMSTERDAM — Islam won't dominate the future because it is too aggressive, Archbishop Martinus Muskens of Breda has claimed.

In the quarterly magazine of Radboud University in Nijmegen, the Roman Catholic bishop writes: "I saw early on that there was a lot of aggression in there (Islam)". Islam, he said, must contemplate on the violent aspects of its tradition.

Muskens lived in Indonesia for many years and studied Muslims closely.

"If this faith does not find an adequate answer to the question whether violence is part of its essence, this religion has little future.

Although stressing that contacts between Christians and Muslims are vital, the bishop feels that there is currently too much emphasis on Islam in the interfaith dialogue. "We are too obsessed by it," Muskens states.

He said dialogue between the Catholic Church and Buddhism had more potential."I see our faith can have a future in South-East Asia."

"Asia is also a cradle of interfaith dialogue. I am thinking particularly about Buddhism. I see many potential points of contact with this religion's practise of meditation," he said.  

Backing dialogue between religious groups, the bishop added: "We must meet others from the start pointing of our own tradition, in a reflective rather than offensive sense. Through mediation, mysticism and prayer."

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