French youths burn cars on eve of Bastille Day

14th July 2009, Comments 8 comments

Over 300 cars were burnt and 13 police officers injured on the eve of the Bastille Day.

Paris – French youths burned 317 cars and wounded 13 police officers overnight during the now traditional bout of street violence on the eve of the Bastille Day national holiday, police said Tuesday.

As French troops and their guests of honour from the Indian army made last minute preparations for the14  July parade on the Champs Elysees in Paris, the suburbs of major cities were contemplating another clean-up operation.

By 6:00 am (0400 GMT), police headquarters in Paris had recorded 317 burnt out cars -- up 6.7 percent on 2008 -- and 240 arrests, almost double the total for the same period last year.

These numbers were expected to increase as fresh reports came in.

The injured officers, 12 members of the police and one gendarme, were mainly suffering from hearing difficulties after being targeted by youths throwing fireworks and small-scale home-made explosives.

France marks Bastille Day as the anniversary of 14 July 1789, when a revolutionary mob stormed the Parisian prison and set in motion the events that would lead to the overthrow of the monarchy.

Today, disaffected youths from bleak suburban housing projects around major cities use it to express their frustration with high unemployment rates and what they see as France's failure to integrate ethnic minorities.

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  • bob posted:

    on 9th September 2009, 13:33:27 - Reply

    Rather a facist and also naive reply expatica. Perhaps the immigrant scum with no loyality to their host nation and bent on violence should re-examine their views and show a little respect for our liberal generosity. Or riot in their own country and see how they get on.

    Tax Payer.
  • EditorES posted:

    on 23rd July 2009, 12:34:50 - Reply

    Dear Jon-Erik and Dwayne,

    We live in the 21st century where taking planes and crossing borders are now almost part and parcel of life. Expatica is astonished at your racist suggestions that France is a 'whiteman' country and that being Muslim automatically means you can never be a proper Frenchmen.

    Please note that while the Expatica team is pleased that you are taking an interest in our site, we certainly do not support your views. Perhaps it's time to re-examine your values in life.

    The Expatica Team
  • Jon-Erik Nordquist posted:

    on 23rd July 2009, 03:09:59 - Reply

    Come on white Frenchmen. Have some backbone. Crack down hard on these ethnic ingrates and teach them to respect the law. Better yet, keep them out of the country. Then you wouldn't have this problem now would you? Any white who embraces political correctness is embracing his death sentence.
  • Ozzy posted:

    on 17th July 2009, 10:54:19 - Reply

    Hey Bombadil,

    Go back to reading Tolkien.
    lines 1 and 2 were verbatim from Orwell.
    I added in my own line of Diversity is a Strength.
    feel free to use it,
    live it learn it love it

    Sauron, did not create the Orcs, he only perverted and tortured a few captured Elves until the race of Orc was completely separate from Elf.

    See Simarillion for proof
  • bombadil posted:

    on 16th July 2009, 15:07:49 - Reply

    Very well said. My only changes would be in line 2 - I would say
    Slavery is Freedom and in line 3 - lose the "a"
  • Ozzy posted:

    on 16th July 2009, 07:01:01 - Reply

    War is Peace
    Freedom is Slavery
    Diversity is a Strength
  • idiotnoir posted:

    on 16th July 2009, 03:38:27 - Reply

    I hope the french are enjoying their diversity, it has brought so much vitality to such a stale old white man country with no culture of their own
  • Dwayne Oliver posted:

    on 16th July 2009, 00:23:51 - Reply

    French youth? They're Muslim! They're not white! Say it, dammit! Admit that the real problem here is race and religion.