Freedom Party opposed to dual-nationality soldiers

22nd November 2010, Comments 0 comments


Geert Wilders' Freedom Party says the defence ministry should stop hiring people holding dual nationality. The party, which supports the minority VVD conservative- CDA Christian Democratic cabinet, says it can be dangerous when a soldier has two passports, because they could have divided loyalties.

Freedom Party MP Marcial Hernandez made these remarks uring a parliamentary debate with Defence Minister Hans Hillen on the ministry's personnel policies. Mr Hernandez pointed out that the coalition agreement states that parliament wants to discourage dual nationalities.

As an example of the potential risks, Mr Hernandez reminded parliament of the Muslim US psychiatrist who shot dead 13 people at an army base in Texas shortly before his planned deployment to Iraq. Major Nidal Malik Hasan reportedly struggled with being deployed to an Islamic country.

The Freedom Party MP said his party strongly objects to the fact that the "controversial" Dutch-Moroccan imam Ali Eddaoudi is still working for the army as a spiritual counselor because of his "outrageous" remarks about former prime minister Jan Peter Balkenende. The imam reportedly also said many young soldiers had come to see him about their conscientious objections to being deployed to a Muslim country.

The Freedom Party called on Minister Hillen to scrap halal meals and the celebration of Islamic holidays in the armed forces.



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