Freedom Party MP Graus should have been prosecuted

5th September 2011, Comments 0 comments

In a 2007 official letter to the Den Bosch court, the Maastricht public prosecutor writes that there was sufficient convincing evidence to prosecute Freedom Party MP Dion Graus for threatening and beating his wife, and that the decision to drop the charges was wrong.

The letter was made public on Sunday evening in the current affairs television programme Brandpunt. In October of 2002, Dion Graus allegedly assaulted his eight-month pregnant wife so badly she had to be admitted to hospital. He allegedly tried to choke her and ‘pushed’ her in her belly. The then police report states she was covered in bruises and had to be admitted to the Heerlen hospital.

According to the public prosecutors’ letter, it could be proved that Dion Graus became verbally aggressive toward his wife during a dinner party at his father’s, and choked her for one minute. When he finally let go, he threatened to “put a gun between her eyebrows.”

The official letter is all the more remarkable because the Public Prosecutor’s Office in 2003 issued a statement saying that the charges of threatening and abusing his wife had been dropped “because the charges could not be legally proved.”

In a reaction, Mr Graus said it was strange the letter should surface after eight years, and argued its publication was not a coincidence but a deliberate attempt to discredit him. He said the 2003 charges against him were filed after he requested visiting rights regarding his daughter.

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