Free-thinking Dutch Moroccans form organisation

22nd October 2010, Comments 1 comment


A group of Dutch citizens of Moroccan descent has formed an organisation which openly distances itself from the Moroccan government and argues in favour of making a clear choice for Dutch citizenship. The group is free-thinking in a religious sense. 

Coordinator Abdelghafour Ahalli of the Netwerk Vrijzinnige Marokkaanse Nederlanders NVMN says many Dutch Moroccans feel a stronger bond with the Netherlands than with their country of origin. “If we are at all subjects, we are subjects of Queen Beatrix, not of the Moroccan king”.

The NVMN was formed as a result of numerous discussions among free-thinking Dutch Moroccans who wanted to make their voice heard in the ongoing debate on integration


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  • Ohaw posted:

    on 23rd October 2010, 14:04:03 - Reply

    Well, for long people argued about identity. and as a matter of fact, sticking to the identity is what makes us honourable humans. besides, to act other wise, means that we are merely reckless creatures! we are who we are because of our origins.