‘France frets over strong euro’

6th February 2013, Comments 1 comment

Officials say the single currency is too strong versus the dollar.

 ‘France frets over strong euro’
Le Figaro

The single currency is too strong versus the dollar, several French ministers have noted ahead of the European Council meeting, scheduled for February 7-8.

"If the euro has risen progressively since July 2012, when it fell to €1.20 to the dollar, it is because the risk that the eurozone will explode has receded," the daily explains. "But, at €1.35 to the dollar, the rate the euro reached on February 4, this is the level "at which concerns emerge" particularly regarding exports.

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  • carrico posted:

    on 6th February 2013, 16:01:04 - Reply

    I wish this article had been longer. Aren't cheaper American exports beneficial to the American economy? Further, "If if's and an's were pots and pans, there'd be no need for tinkers."