Foreign press reports on Fitna with "business-like" tone

28th March 2008, Comments 3 comments

Most foreign newspapers, television broadcasters and websites have not given too prominent a position to the news from the Netherlands.

28 March 2008

AMSTERDAM – Most foreign newspapers, television broadcasters and websites have not given too prominent a position to the news from the Netherlands. Most of the coverage has also taken a business-like tone.

Malaysian newspaper Malaysia Sun and Kazakh news source Kazinform give an overview of the topics mentioned in Fitna and do not venture any analysis.

The news on the film's release was difficult to find on the website of Indonesian newspaper The Jakarta Post early on Friday morning.

German newspaper Die Welt describes Fitna as a "film hostile to the Koran." Die Welt also devotes coverage to the "anti-Islam film" expected from Ehsan Jami.

Just as in other countries the reports in the British media on the film have been mostly of a very business-like tone. The Times says that now that the film has been released hostile reactions "from angry Muslims around the world will most likely follow."

The Daily Telegraph also says it is possible that the "Islamic world may break out in anti-Western demonstrations."

Spanish newspaper El Pais characterises Wilders as an "extreme right politician." El País called it an "inconvenient reality" that such a politician would arise in a country that has always been tolerant.

American newspaper The Washington Post points out that the Netherlands, like many other countries, is wrestling with its national identity after decades of massive immigration.

CNN had a staff member of an Islamic periodical in Washington respond to the film. "Any reasonable person can see that this is intended to spit in the face of Muslims and insult our religion," the employee said.

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3 Comments To This Article

  • Quratul-Ain posted:

    on 5th April 2008, 21:42:58 - Reply

    Insulting Islam has become a joke in Europe.Freedom of speech? Trampling othe sensibilities of'the other'?What fun.What culture.How dare another civilisation have self respect and compete with the West.Rub their face in the dust.And this is coming from someone who love European culture has lived tere and studied there.
  • roberto L tanizaki posted:

    on 31st March 2008, 12:21:58 - Reply

    Regarding the Wilders filmlet: "Parturient montes et nascitur ridiculus mus" - Latin for "the mountains tremble, and out comes a tiny mouse." That's it.
  • Chip Hazard posted:

    on 29th March 2008, 09:44:18 - Reply

    The situation is more and more confusing, as media hypocrisy is oozing out.
    - Mr. Wilders is defined as a 'far right politician'.
    - Mr. Wilders defines the Koran as a 'fascist book'.
    - Fascism is the far right movement par excellence.
    ergo: Mr. Wilders, from his point of view, is praising the Koran.
    But it is not so, apparently.
    Where is the mistake?