Forced sex widespread among Dutch teenagers

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A large majority of men and women below the age of 25 have experienced sexual approaches which "went too far", according to research published by Utrecht University. The Dutch researchers interviewed 1350 people. Of the women, 84 percent had been confronted with sexual transgressions since the age of 14, and 66 percent of men.

Sexual transgression is defined as coercing someone who does not want to have sex into becoming involved in physical activity. Victims could be talked into sex, manipulated, blackmailed, or physically forced. A separate category of sexual transgression without physical contact consists of confronting the victim with sexual remarks, loaded gestures, masturbation in front of a webcam, or the sending of pornographic images.

Girls and gays The Utrecht researchers say that two groups are particularly at risk of being at the receiving end of sexual transgression: girls and homosexual boys. Non-western, religious teenagers risk being targeted with non-physical transgressions.

The academics also looked at the perpetrators. The lower the education of young people is, the more likely they are to engage in non-physical sexual transgression. The higher educated are more involved in transgressive sexual behaviour which includes physical contact.

Just say no In their research report, the researchers list a number of typical situations: your partner keeps demanding sexual contact, even after it's been made clear that you does not feel like it; or a "one night stand" insists on sex until you give in; a "one night stand" exploits the fact that you are too drunk to resist; or your partner gets angry with you in order to have sex. They recommend that clear communication about what you want and don't want can do a lot to prevent sexual transgression.

The Utrecht researchers say they want to continue their joint project with the Ruthers Nisso group to gain a better insight into the causes of sexual transgression.

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  • sagarpeople posted:

    on 22nd July 2010, 15:04:57 - Reply

    What is sexual transgression? No one can talk you into sex only you can do that. If you believe what you think and want something or are afraid to lose something then you enter into a bargain. In the hope of have love appreciation and approval acceptance. Of course it is not condone. However the article support that there are we are victims. "Just say no" is not the solution. Investigating what you believe and what you were hopping would happen by saying yes is the way out and the way to self empowerment.