Forced kissing with tongues no longer classed as rape: high court

13th March 2013, Comments 1 comment

Forcibly pushing a tongue into someone else's mouth should no longer be classed as rape, the Dutch high court said on Tuesday.

Defining what the Dutch call tongzoenen as rape ‘conflicts with everyday usage and therefore falls outside the definition of rape', the court said. Forcing a tongue into someone's mouth will still be a criminal offence but will have a lighter maximum sentence.

The high court said earlier that any forced penetration - including by tongues - should be seen as rape.

The ruling follows a case in which a man was accused of rape after forcibly kissing a woman using his tongue, news agency ANP said.


Meanwhile, sexuality research institute Rutgers WPF says in Tuesday's NRC that all secondary schools should draw up rules to make it clear that some forms of sexual behaviour are unacceptable.

Some pupils are no longer aware of when they cross socially-acceptable boundaries with their fellow pupils which is contributing to an unsafe atmosophere at schools, a spokesman told the paper.

Recent research shows some 12% of school pupils have had to deal with unwanted sexually-tinged comments, behaviour and abuse, the paper says.


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  • HTD posted:

    on 13th March 2013, 18:23:32 - Reply

    The Court still failed to clarify whether it would still be a criminal act if someone licked a postage stamp and stuck it on anothers envelop without their consent.
    In these days of attacks on the elderly and handicapped as well as the physical bullying of weaker students in our schools, it's absolutely mind-boggling that such a law ever got on the books in the first place.
    Shame on those justices that allowed that to happen in the first place.
    We have lost a local councilman, forever, here in Meerssen due to the rather mysterious use of this law that has led to his early and untimely death.
    We also have seemingly sadistic types who are using bailiffs, not so much to collect baseless claims, but as an instrument of harassment. When will we get some common sense back into how our society is run?