First station closes platforms to non-smart card holders

First station closes platforms to non-smart card holders

11th August 2014, Comments 1 comment

Woerden in Utrecht province on Friday became the first NS railway station to close off its platforms to non-smart card holders.

From now on, only people with the public transport smart card will be able to access the station by checking in.

Anyone wishing to wave off or collect someone will need a smart card, but will not have to pay for a train trip.

Checking in gives you one hour at the station without having to pay the basic tariff.


Woerden is one of five stations where the NS has been experimenting with closed barriers during rush hour since January.

The NS plans eventually to close off 82 stations completely and is testing this at 26 stations this year.

Right of passage

In cities such as Amsterdam Central, Leiden and Amersfoort the station is also a through-way from one side of the city to the other.

In these cases, people will be able to load a 'right of passage' onto their smart card or apply to the local council for a special pass.



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    Very tourist friendly system :(