Festive week planned by the International School Breda

Festive week planned by the International School Breda

22nd September 2014, Comments 0 comments

The International School Breda started this week by congratulating and honouring the first IB graduates in its history with a graduation party. [Contributed by ISBreda]

The International School Breda was delighted to honour the first IB graduates in its history and proudly threw a graduation party for these bright students and their families.

As well as this, the school will also be holding a school party for all secondary students on Friday. The party forms part of the ISB's annual Aids charity Dance-4 Life initiative. During the evening itself, fund-raising activities will be held to raise even more money for this cause.
The nursery and primary children will not be forgotten and will be treated to fun and educational days of science.

As well as al this, on Monday and Tuesday the school will be welcoming back the amazing Philip and Amy Rose from Sci-Tech. Last year they astounded the Primary and MYP1 children with exploding science and a pitstop challenge...

However, this year it is all about forces... and ice cream!
About International School Breda

The International School Breda opened its doors in August 2011 and is currently educating Nursery, Primary and Secondary children in its 4th school year. Since 2011 the school grew from 40 to 200 students. The Municipality of Breda and the Province of Noord-Brabant both have granted permission to continue with offering first-class education for expats in Breda and will subsidise the construction of a brand new definite building just around the corner of the school's current location.

The International School Breda will soon be able to present the new building plans.

For more information about the school, please click here or email info@isbreda.com.



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