Family doctors demonstrate against cuts

6th October 2011, Comments 2 comments

Thousand of family doctors are attending a demonstration in Amsterdam today against government cuts. Health Minister Edith Schippers understands their concerns, but says she is just taking back money that has been "overspent".

Minister Schippers says 132 million euros is being reclaimed from doctors’ budgets, the same is being done with physiotherapists, psychiatrists and other specialists. “It would not be fair if I let family doctors off as the only group.”

The minister says she has to do this to prevent the bill being footed by other services. “The burden has to be distributed fairly. I don’t want to the public to foot the bill.”

The minister hopes family doctors will become more efficient as a result of the measure. The Labour Party is concerned that patients will be affected by the cuts. Doctors fear the measure will cost more in the long run as visiting the family doctor is cheaper than going to hospital.

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  • jeff digeronimo posted:

    on 6th October 2011, 19:00:41 - Reply

    comments to a free world; coming to a country near you.
  • Michael Kadin posted:

    on 6th October 2011, 14:20:16 - Reply

    Minister Schippers, says she is just taking back money that has been "overspent".
    Because they made the mistakes we are all now to pay. The over buying of the influenza bug, double buying, to more than 100million, for the taking away those medicines people are required and providing of lesser quality drugs.
    It is time we should all stand up and say this is enough.