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29th September 2011, Comments 2 comments

It’s been three months, and we are proud to announce that the Expatica Community is growing fast ! We want to thank you all for your contributions.

Our Community has reached 60,093 members and 593 friendships have been formed... Still wish to be more connected? It's as easy as 1-2-3!

STEP 1: Fill in your Profile.

A complete profile helps other users find you by gender, age, region and most of all, interest.

Add a profile picture for the personal touch.

You can even customise your profile style. We have corker & woody styles ready to choose from ... there's more on the way! Click here to try it now.


STEP 2: Search and Browse.

Click Members button for the member list.

Here you can browse through members by name / gender / age / city and country, and of course, hobbies.

Find the fellow expats you'd like to connect with. Click here to try it now.


STEP 3: Connect, Enjoy and Share! 

Connect by sending friendship requests to members you've chosen.

Enjoy the discussions and share on Facebook and Twitter!

Now you can also sign up to Community via your Twitter account, and connect with your FB page. Click here to try it now.



What are expats getting up to in your neck of the woods? We'd love to hear all about it!

2 Comments To This Article

  • Expatica

    on 6th October 2011, 11:03:02 - Reply

    Hey, good observation. The current 60,000 are the active members.. We deleted some profiles (doubles / inactive ones) in the process of change.
  • fortuner posted:

    on 3rd October 2011, 11:58:24 - Reply

    How strange. Before the changes, there was much more than 100,000 members...