Europeans will pay more for PlayStation3

26th January 2007, Comments 0 comments

The Dutch and other Europeans have to pay more than consumers in other parts of the world for a Sony PlayStation3 (PS3).

AMSTERDAM - The Japanese electronics giant is also only going to put the most expensive version of its new games computer on the European market when it is introduced on 23 March.

The PS3 will cost €599 in continental Europe. That makes it significantly more expensive than in Japan or the US. Only the British will have to pay more.

One million units will be available for the launch in Europe, the Middle East and Australia. Analysts wonder whether the high price might prevent Sony from meeting its sales targets.

In Europe, the PS3 will be more than double the price of competitor Nintendo’s Wii games device and about 50% more expensive than Microsoft’s Xbox 360.

The problems in development also caused the delay in the launch of the PS3. High sales volume of the Wii and the portable DS games console have led to strong growth in profits for Nintendo. The Japanese company has announced that its profits for the third quarter grew by 40%.

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