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English Breakfast Radio (EBR) has been serving up great morning entertainment over the airwaves for the past 4 years and is Expatica's favourite way to start the day! The dedicated team of folks at EBR run an entertaining (English language) morning radio program, aimed at the internationally minded community in the Netherlands.

EBR programming provides listeners with up to date information on topical events in the Netherlands, as well as music from around the globe thanks to their enthusiastic and cosmopolitan mix of presenters. EBR has a team of dedicated volunteers from all corners of the globe who scrape themselves out of bed at the crack of dawn to let their international listeners know what's going on in their area.

“By providing people with information about the Netherlands and up to date news and features, we are aiding the process of integration” says Andrew Meredith, co-founder of EBR. “Dutch is a difficult language to follow for many and EBR aims to provide its listeners with as much useful information as possible, so that they may more easily integrate into the local culture. The live element and a mix of enthusiastic broadcasters, makes for very spontaneous and entertaining programmes.”

The shows are filled with live music and interviews with local bands, local people and local groups, all of whom provide interesting and useful services to the international community.

Not content with FM, cable and internet radio alone, the English Breakfast team also boast their own TV show on Salto A1, where the whole crew can be appreciated in all their glory.

“This certainly adds an exciting new element to the show” says Andrew Meredith. “As the international community is a tight knit group, it's great to be able to see the faces behind the show and watch as well as listen to the live music.”

English Breakfast Radio TeamThe show has really caught the attention of the capital's radio broadcasters by winning Best Radio Program and the Peoples Choice for Best Radio Program at the annual Amsterdam Broadcasting Association (Salto) awards ceremony in 2005. In 2009 they again won the Peoples Choice award thanks to the votes from their loyal band of listeners.

Now that English Breakfast Radio is a hit with the non-native and native population alike, its winning format will soon join forces with Amsterdam FM to form a new show called Casual Friday! The show is to be broadcast on Salto’s Stads FM (106.8FM in Amsterdam) and will be presented live on location from the Amsterdam Bright City Grand Café in the ZuidAs between 17.00 and 19.00 hrs every Friday. The show will contain live music, interviews with top local business executives and a host of other entertaining features. But it doesn't stop there because in 2010 English Breakfast Radio will expand further and launch a new lunch time show. Both shows will become available in The Hague!

For more information make sure you keep an eye on their website

Due to the expansion, EBR are on the look out for Expatica readers with media aspirations. So if you live in the Hague area and are interested in volunteering, or even if you just have something interesting to share with the international community, please contact them via their website.

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