Egyptian voting compass tops 100,000 visitors

23rd November 2011, Comments 0 comments

About 100,000 Egyptians have consulted the voting compass since it was launched just over a week ago. 

The people who created the Egyptian Voting Compass said in a reaction that “There’s clearly a hunger among Egyptian voters for independent information on party view points.

The voting compass was launched by Radio Netherlands Worldwide and Free University Amsterdam in connection with the parliamentary elections scheduled to be held in Egypt on 28 November.

Political scientist Mazen Hasan, leader of the Egyptian scientific team that helped develop the voting compass, said he was pleased about these first results, primarily because of the tense political and security situation in the country.

“However, people apparently have faith in this instrument, which shows that Egyptians want to believe in free and fair elections and remain hopeful about the future of their country.”

Multiple choice questions and 30 political statements made by various parties and party leaders help voters find out which political party most closely reflects their views.

The statements cover a wide range of political, social and economic issues, such as ‘a woman could become president’, ‘Egypt should revoke all peace treaties with Israel’ or ‘the government can scrap its petrol subsidies’.

The voting compass, a Dutch initiative, has been introduced in 34 countries, most recently in Morocco and Tunisia in collaboration with Radio Netherlands Worldwide.


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