EU considering sanctions against Iran

14th November 2011, Comments 0 comments

The Netherlands hopes that international sanctions will persuade the Iranian regime to be completely open about its nuclear programme and to scrap any weapons-related research and building programmes.

Speaking to reporters after a meeting of European Union foreign ministers in Brussels, Dutch Foreign Minister Uri Rosenthal said that if sanctions didn't work, "all the other options are still on the table." He added that several other countries, including Great Britain, shared The Hague's standpoint. Minister Rosenthal said the other options include "everything between doing nothing and intervening in Iran."

The European Union did not announce any sanctions but is preparing several measures. The EU is waiting to hear the final report by the UN nuclear watchdog. The international atomic energy agency IAEA recently released an alarming report on Iran's nuclear programme. Mr Rosenthal said the EU wants the UN to impose sanctions on Tehran but if the United Nations fails to do so, Brussels will do so. Mr Rosenthal refused to be drawn on the nature of the sanctions being considered by Brussels as he didn't want Iran to have any time to prepare to counter them.





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