Dutchman guilty of illegal exports to Khan

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16 December 2005, AMSTERDAM — A Dutch court has found two men guilty of illegally exporting materials to Pakistan that could be used in the manufacture of nuclear weapons.

16 December 2005

AMSTERDAM — A Dutch court has found two men guilty of illegally exporting materials to Pakistan that could be used in the manufacture of nuclear weapons.

Dutch businessman Henk S., 61, and his business Zoran F., 37, sent the materials, which required an export licence, to the Institute of Industrial Automation in Pakistan, which was linked to Khan Research Laboratories (KRL).

KRL, run by Abdul Qadeer Khan, was the driving force behind Pakistan's development of a nuclear arsenal. S. was the Dutch business partner of Khan, who is believed to have stolen plans from a lab in the Netherlands in the 1970s, helping him to become the father of the Islamic A-bomb.

The court sentenced S., 61,  from Sint Pancras to 12-months in jail, with the last eight months suspended. F., Heerhugowaard, was ordered to do 180 hours community service.

The exports by the company headed by S. took place between 1999 and 2002. F. coordinated the transaction.

The prosecution had sought an 18-month sentence for S., with the last six months suspended. F. faced a demand for 240 hours community service and a EUR 20,000 fine.

S. was bound over to good behaviour for two years and was fined EUR 100,000. If he doesn't pay the fine, he will have to go to jail for 360 days. Two of S.'s companies were fined EUR 65,000 and EUR 32,500 respectively. F. was fined EUR 5,000.

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