Dutch watchdog orders halt to ethnic registration

12th April 2009, Comments 0 comments

The failure to apply for a new permit to be exempted from the ban on ethnic registration means the local councils has been registering ethnicity of problem youths illegally.

THE NETHERLANDS – The Dutch Data Protection Authority (DDPA) has ordered local councils to end the registration of the ethnicity of problem youths immediately after it discovered a temporary exemption has expired, reports the De Volkskrant.

The independent watchdog said the practice has been illegal since no new permit has been applied in December 2008.

The DDPA ruling most directly affects the City of Rotterdam, which has been registering all problem youths since 2002, including their ethnicity.

In 2006, the DDPA granted 21 cities and towns in with a large Antillean minority, including Rotterdam, a temporary exemption of the ban on registration of ethnicity.

However, the temporary exemption expired in December 2008, and no new permit has been applied for.

The DDPA said the ban on registration of ethnicity is once again in force.

In a statement on the DDPA’s website, it said: “Here is no legal foundation for processing ethnic details… This means that the use of these particular personal details... is illegal and should be stopped immediately.”

At the end of 2008, the government dropped plans to set up a national data bank with information on young Antillean and Aruban trouble-makers.

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