Dutch want more financial insight

31st August 2011, Comments 0 comments

The Dutch government, companies and media are warning people not to overspend. And German Chancellor Angela Merkel has urged on Europeans not to live beyond their means.

Data from the National Institute for Family Finance Information Nibud show that 60 percent of Dutch consumers have insufficient or no insight in their finances.

A recent government-sponsored survey shows that Dutch consumers want a tighter grip on their finances. Only two percent of those interviewed use a digital housekeeping book or other financial software, but more than 30 percent say they want to.

It was found that people often overspend as the result of a lack of insight in their financial affairs. A website called It's your money has said it wants to help this group of consumers, as not everybody has the talent to become a bookkeeper. The website’s motto is: ‘budgeting can be learned’.   

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