Dutch vets want independent antibiotics supervisor

7th December 2009, Comments 1 comment

An independent antibiotics supervisor will be able to issue warnings, enforce penalties and possibly reduce amount of antibiotics by 20 percent in livestock within a year.

The Netherlands – Dutch veterinarians are calling for a regulator to supervise the use of antibiotics on animals.

The new regulator will monitor the use of antibiotics in livestock farming and limit injecting antibiotics into the cattle raised for slaughter.

Some experts argued that bacteria developed resistance to certain forms of antibiotics that have been used extensively, endangering the health of both animals and farmers. 

NRC Handelsblad reported already about 15 percent of the Dutch pork and veal farmers are infected with a type of MRSA bacteria that is resistant to several kinds of antibiotics.  This is animal and human health risks entail.

The vets are calling for an independent antibiotics supervisor who can both issue warnings and enforce penalties. The appointment of an antibiotics supervisor will help reduce the amount of antibiotics by 20 percent within a year.

They also hope this new proposal will sidestep the stricter guidelines proposed by the minister of agriculture, Gerda Verburg, who is examining a plan to forbid the practice of allowing veterinarians to sell medicine.

Currently, part of veterinarian’s income comes from the sale of medicines.

The lower house will discuss antibiotic use in livestock on Thursday.

Radio Netherlands / Expatica

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