Dutch tribunal overturns decision to open cable market

18th August 2010, Comments 2 comments

A Dutch companies tribunal on Wednesday overturned the telecommunications regulator's decision to compel big cable operators to open their networks to competitors.

"The companies' appeals tribunal has annulled four ... decisions that Opta (the Independent Post and Communications Authority) took for the broadcast sector on March 5, 2009," a court statement said.

Opta said in a statement the tribunal's ruling has put a stop to its efforts to open up the cable market.

In a bid to stimulate competition, Opta said it made a ruling in March last year that forced two big cable operators, UPC and Ziggo, to make their analogue cable infrastructure available for use by other companies.

It also compelled cable companies UPC, Ziggo, CAIW and Delta to allow other TV providers to broadcast digital signals to clients over their cable networks.

The four companies had challenged Opta's ruling in court.

UPC said the judgment proved that competition in the television sector was alive and well.

"This competition ... ensures technological innovation, digitalisation and choice for the consumer," it said in a statement.

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  • proteus posted:

    on 19th August 2010, 18:13:03 - Reply

    These measures are in place to prevent monopolies - and see how Ziggo and UPC nicely built their monopolies by never competing in the same geographical areas. Also, infrastructure is also build (at least partially) with public money as well, hence one more reason for the state (as representative of the public) to step in and regulate the market in a certain degree.
  • Glenn Christmas posted:

    on 19th August 2010, 11:30:30 - Reply

    It hardly seems fair that UPC, ZIGGO or any company that builds a cable network should be forced to let others use it. It would be like me building my own house and being forced to let anyone who wants to live in it. - Even though I currently use UPC for my internet and TV if some other company can offer me a better deal with their own network and service I will gladly change. I have no loyatly to UPC. If someone wants to take on UPC go for it ... but do it on your own.