Dutch school at sea

28th October 2011, Comments 0 comments

The schooner sets sail today for a six-month Atlantic voyage. The Dutch sailing ship’s five crew members have been joined by 34 secondary school students and five teachers.

“The present school system offers too few extracurricular activities. Students don’t, for instance, come into contact with nature. That’s a shame, because that’s the way you marry theory with practice,” says Monique Touw, instigator of the School At Seaproject.

The students will split into two groups, alternating between working as members of the crew and taking lessons. The five teachers on board are all fully qualified and can teach more than one subject. The students will cover all their normal school subjects.

It is hoped maths and physics can be taught using navigational tasks and the weather. “That’s a good combination of theory and practice,” explains Ms Touw.

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