Dutch ranked 7th on global economy list

7th September 2011, Comments 1 comment

The Netherlands has risen to seventh place on the current Global Competitiveness Report GCR. The ranking is compiled annually by the World Economic Forum WEF and “assesses the ability of countries to provide high levels of prosperity to their citizens”.

“The indicators used to measure economic prosperity show that the Netherlands is becoming a valued knowledge economy,” says Professor Henk Volberda, scientific director of innovation research institute Inscope, which provided the WEF with the data on the Netherlands.

The strong competitiveness of the Netherlands as shown in the GCR reflects the true state of the economy and should generate confidence for future growth, says Prof Volberda. The move from eighth to seventh place in times of economic uncertainty can be considered “a major achievement”, he added.

It’s the highest position for the Dutch since 2000, when they were ranked fourth on the list. Switzerland leads the ranking as the most competitive economy in the world. The United States, which ranked first for several years, fell to fourth place due to the consequences of the financial crisis of 2007–2010 and its macroeconomic instability. China continues its relative rise in the rankings, reaching 27th position.

Below are the top ten most competitive economies listed by the GCR, with their 2010 positions given in brackets:

1. Switzerland 1 2. Singapore 3 3. Sweden 2 4. Finland 7 5. United States 4 6. Germany 5 7. Netherlands 8 8. Denmark 9 9. Japan 6 10. United Kingdom 12

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    Take all these rankings with a truckload of salt ...