Dutch rail plan to introduce "pee-bags" on short-hop trains

7th October 2011, Comments 4 comments

Dutch National Railways said Friday it planned to introduce so-called "pee-bags" as an emergency alternative to non-existing toilets on its short-hop trains.

"Yes, we are planning to introduce the bags on our short-hop Sprinter trains," NS spokeswoman Nienke Kooistra told AFP, but stressed "it's to be used in extreme emergencies only, for instance when a train is stranded."

Should passengers urgently need the bathroom, they will be able to take an on-board bag and use the unoccupied drivers' cabin at the back of the train, she said.

The bag is attached to a spout and filled with a powdered substance that turns into a gel, and passengers would then leave it behind or simply throw it away when they step off.

But incredulous rail passengers interviewed by Dutch national television were dismayed by the idea, especially women.

"Are you serious? No, no ways, I just can't see myself doing 'it' in that," one unnamed female passenger told its NOS morning journal programme.

"For a man it may be easier, for a woman that's just impossible," she said.

Dutch train drivers also reacted with fury, saying they were revolted by the idea of their work space being turned into a lavatory.

"When I first heard about it, I thought it was a joke. Wim Eilert of the country's driver's union (VVMC) told the ANP news agency.

"To let people pee where somebody else needs to work, that will not do. It's distasteful," he said.

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  • Steve posted:

    on 12th October 2011, 12:06:05 - Reply

    Yes open the door and pee and you'd be arrested for obscene exposure like in Amsterdam.
    Most places charge 50c to use their toilet but if you don;t have cash with you you're stuck.
    Dogs and birds can pee wherever they like but humans have less rights than dogs!
  • freebird31 posted:

    on 7th October 2011, 19:27:30 - Reply

    I live in the Netherlands. Really... The idea is discusting.
    All the responses of people on the articles written about it are furious!

    People are askig eachother, please pee in the train, so they'll make toilets again!
    It is truly dismaying to think that any elderly person could even handle peeing in a bag like that.
    Those bags are war gear, or survival gear.

    If the train brakes down, I'd rather open the door and go squat down besides the rails than that I'd ever even TRY to pee in a bag... I'd be covered in it for sure!

    Well... you get the idea! Dutch people are calling the "idea person" of this particular idea the "peebag"....
  • ionut posted:

    on 7th October 2011, 17:17:34 - Reply

    This could only happen in Holland. Very civilised people.......