Dutch primary school worker stabbed in playground

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A 69-year-old man, known as Opa Leo to the children, was stabbed to death in a lunch-time attack.

AMSTERDAM – A primary school worker was stabbed to death Tuesday in an Amsterdam playground as some of the children he cared for looked on, police said.

Although some pupils witnessed the lunch-time attack, none of them were actually in the playground at the time, said Amsterdam police spokesman Arnout Aben without elaborating.

However, children who heard the 69-year-old man scream upon being stabbed are shaken, reported AD.

Known as Opa Leo and well-liked by the children, he had been working at the school since November.

He died in the playground shared by three primary schools in Amsterdam Zuid. No security barriers were in place, an employee of one of the schools told AFP.

However, no child had been in danger at any point, said John van der Woning, the director of Willemspark school in a letter to parents, quoted by the Dutch news agency ANP.

According to AD, a number of Dutch celebrities’ children study in the schools.

The children were kept inside school buildings until the end of lessons, which were not interrupted, added van der Woning.

Police in Amsterdam are appealing for witnesses and combing through security camera footage to help indentify the killer.

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