Dutch power company wants to build new nuclear plant

4th November 2010, Comments 0 comments


Radio station BNR reports that the Zeeland power company Delta and its French colleague EDF will conduct joint research into the economic viability of a second, much bigger nuclear power plant near the town of Borssele.

In the previous cabinet, then-coalition partner PvdA Labour Party blocked approval for new nuclear power plants in the Netherlands, but the new cabinet has recently made positive statements on nuclear power. In a reaction to the agreement between Delta and EDF, Economic Affairs Minister Maxime Verhagen said that nuclear power could form an important addition to the existing power supply in the Netherlands, and has, as a result, been given high priority in the coalition agreement. A spokesperson for the Economic Affairs ministry says the cabinet has Delta’s application under consideration.

Delta’s French partner EDF has extensive experience in building and operating nuclear power plants. Delta and EDF are already partners in the Sloe power plant, a natural gas-fired plant which can provide power to about two million households. In a reaction, Greenpeace has warned against EDF-built power plants, saying they are not safe. The environmental organisation says the proposed power plant will feature an EPR reactor, a type that has not yet been tested and reportedly has led to construction delays in Finland and France.



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