Dutch police to investigate East Europeans

4th January 2012, Comments 6 comments

The Dutch police have launched an investigation to determine whether Poles, Bulgarians and Romanians in the Netherlands are increasingly involved in criminal activities.

“We have a really strong gut-feeling that this is the case, but we want to find out if we can substantiate that feeling with data,” a spokesperson for the Council of Police Force Commanders Raad voor Korpschefs said on Wednesday. His remark came in reaction to reports in national broadsheet AD.

The police believe Polish citizens are increasingly involved in burglaries, while most Romanian suspects are arrested for skimming bank cards.

The investigation is to be completed before summer. "We want to find out how criminal behaviour among members of these groups is developing and who they are. The investigation is also to provide an answer to whether the suspects are people who become involved in crime as a result of unemployment or whether they planned their crimes when they were still in their country of origin.

With these results in hand, the police say they will be able to decide “How best to address the problem.”


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  • Yeah right posted:

    on 11th January 2012, 14:14:22 - Reply

    Bulgaria is only 1 of 2 EU countries whose credit rating has increased - so it seems to be ruled OK. Most Bulgarians living here are working long hours in jobs locals don't want, highly qualified Bulgarians work in multinational organizations just like any other country nationals. The police chief better start with the facts then roll out the accusations and not the other way round.
  • Steve posted:

    on 11th January 2012, 12:29:38 - Reply

    Of course Romanians and Bulgarians are involved in crime here, their countries are completely ruled by big-time gangsters. Soon they will rule the crime scene in Holland too.
  • Blood Gut posted:

    on 5th January 2012, 10:22:52 - Reply

    Spill the guts, now!